Malcolm Turnbull, Not A Petty Binch, ‘Liked’ Morrison’s Dicey Poll Numbers

Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull last night appeared to ‘like’ a tweet referencing a dip in popularity for his successor Scott Morrison, and there are only two explanations: either Turnbull has a clumsy thumb and accidentally liked the post, or he’s actually quite chuffed that support for the new leader of the Liberal Party is dwindling.

[jwplayer 0tB7A5a8]

In any case, Turnbull smashed the heart button on a post referring to the latest Newspoll, which shows a 2-point dip in support for Morrison as preferred prime minister. In the same poll, support for Opposition Leader Bill Shorten rose one point, although the Labor Party leader still remains eight points behind the current PM.

Turnbull’s ‘like’ has since been removed.

The same poll showed that dissatisfaction in Morrison has eclipsed his satisfaction ratings for the first time since that incredible leadership spill in August. Right now, dissatisfaction in Morrison is hovering at 44%, while satisfaction is at 41%.

On two-party preferred terms, the gnarly difference between Labor’s 54% share to the Coalition‘s 46% suggests the incumbent party could get absolutely shellacked at the next federal election.

Of course, trying to turn the tide of voter confidence was why Peter Dutton took his failed run at the leadership, anyway.

For what it’s worth, dissatisfaction in Turnbull was at 55% in the last Newspoll before he was rolled. Whether or not the Liberal Party decides to axe Morrison before Australia next goes to the polls is yet to be seen, but fuck, it wouldn’t exactly be unexpected at this point.