Dog Act: Inflation Will Push The Price Of A Schooner Up To $12 & Surely This Is Not Legal

Something about a tall glass of beer is elegant, cultured — a turn on, if you will. Yes, a schooner is a staple in the three glass system, and as such it should always cost more than a pot but less than a pint.

However, the schooner is being hiked up to pint prices (!!) which is a crime against humanity. And it’s not just schooners, it’s all beer.

According to, the nation’s favourite beverage will face a hefty tax come Feb 1st due to inflation — increasing the price of draught and packaged beer by a whopping 3.7%.

After already increasing by 4% last year, Australia now pays the fourth highest beer tax in the world, after Japan, Finland and Norway. God help us all.

The Beer Brewer’s Association of Australia (BAA) has pleaded with the Anthony Albanese government to freeze the tax on beer sold in bottle-Os for at least two years, and half the tax on beer sold in pubs and clubs. If not, the BAA warns we might see Sydney-siders paying $12 for a fucking schooner.

In a letter obtained by The Daily Telegraph, head of the BAA, John Preston wrote to Treasurer Jim Chalmers: “People are already paying $8 a schooner in parts of Sydney – if this keeps rising like this it will be soon be surging past $12.”

“These are hidden tax increases which have been going up every six months for the past 20 years.

“The record increases are making it more difficult to get people back through the door.”

It will be a sad day indeed, if buying a pint at the pub is the same price as buying a mixed-drink or a cocktail. A beer is cheaper than water in Prague, and yet it’s so expensive here it may as well be served up in a gold encrusted chalice and sprinkled with caviar.