NICE: Up To 198 NSW Clubs Are Offering Fully-Vaxxed Hotties A Free Schooner This Wednesday

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Get on the booze you fully vaccinated hounds ‘cos NSW clubs are offering you a free schooner this Wednesday.

You read that right, mates. On Wednesday, 10th of November, aka Your Local Club Freedom day, a number of NSW clubs will be offering a free glass of what organisers are calling “Together Ale” for anyone who’s vaxxed and keen, to celebrate the state reaching its fully vaccinated targets. Talk about some bloody Good News, eh?

The scheme comes from NSWClubs CEO Josh Landis and Batch Brewing Co Co-Founder Andrew Fineran who say they came up with the idea during a virtual drinks sesh during the past lockdown. Originally, the pair proposed the idea in an attempt to pressure the NSW government to “identify the vaccination percentage required for the lockdown to be lifted”, before they publicly pledged to a schooner for all once NSW clubs were back to normal.

Spoiler alert if you have been in a coma for five months: they are.

“We wanted to make sure that we never have to endure another COVID-19 lockdown again. To do that, we needed everyone to roll up their sleeves and get vaccinated – and we figured offering people a free beer at their local club was a great incentive!” Mr Landis said.

The beer has been specially crafted by Lion’s Malt Shovel Brewers and Marrickville craft brewer Batch Brewing Co.

The scheme will be available in 198 clubs across the state, including the Marrickville Golf Club, Petersham RSL Club, The Castlereagh, and more. To register, all you need to do is either scan the QR code outside the venue or head to the website here.

“To have hit our state’s vaccination targets so quickly is fantastic and we’re excited to reward those who got the jab with an ice-cold schooner of Together Ale,” Landis added.

“A big thanks to Lion and Batch Brewing Co for helping us bring Your Local Club Freedom Day to life.”

Lion Managing Director James Brindley also sounds pretty keen.

“When Andrew from Batch Brewing Co called me to see if Lion would be able to provide additional production capacity to make this extremely special beer, I couldn’t say yes quickly enough,” he said.

“The result is the Together Ale – a unique beer made especially by Malt Shovel and Batch for the fantastic clubs of NSW to bring their local patrons back together.”

Alright, who am I seeing for a frothy schoony this weeky?

FYI, in case you forgot, here’s what new freedoms await the fully-vaxxed legends of NSW today.