Schoolie Rushed To Hospital After Falling 2 Storeys Off A Balcony At Surfers

A Schoolies teen is lucky to be alive after falling two stories from a balcony last night and breaking his pelvis.

Police reckon the 17-year-old fell while leaning off a balcony on Cypress Avenue at Surfers Paradise, sometime around 3am.

“We believe he has dropped an item of property and he has leant over — it’s landed on a ledge — and he’s leant over to collect it and he has fallen the two floors,” said Senior Sergeant Angelique Maloney.

He landed on a ground floor balcony, and was rushed to the Gold Coast University Hospital with a suspected fractured pelvis.

While this wasn’t a case of ‘balcony hopping’, the dumbest teen craze since the last dumb teen craze, it was an example of Schoolies kids being extremely careless around balconies, and cops are hoping this incident reminds the rest of them to cool it.

“Police would like to remind all school leavers about acting responsibly particularly on balconies,
” they said in a statement.

Chief Superintendent Terry Boland was a little more blunt when talking to reporters.

“It they happen to fall, they may never be hopping again,” he said. “We have concerns about it, and we just really hope people can make smart decisions.”

I mean, you can dream, right?

Four teenagers – two 18-year-olds and two 16-year-olds – were issued with infringement notices after balcony hopping on the 22nd floor of a View Avenue hotel last night, and three days ago a teen was caught on Snapchat balcony hopping “several floors up” at the Beachcomber resort.

“This isn’t going to to be funny when she falls,” said the person filming.

Hmmm. Nope.

Photo: Google Street View.