Cops Say Schoolies 2021 Best Behaved In Yonks, Worst Injury Was Teen “Dancing Too Hard”

2 police officers are flanked by 5 school leavers who are all smiling

This year’s crop of year 12 graduates have celebrated the end of high school in style on the Gold Coast.

In the past, schoolies have been guilty of a whole bunch of dumb shit in what can be a messy time for our nation’s young folk.

The celebratory week has a storied history of colourful happenings. Everything from someone scaling a high rise balcony to the completely rained out schoolies in 2017.

But this year’s bunch has exceeded all expectations. Arrests were down, intoxication was down and vibes were at record levels. 

Justin Payne from the Queensland Ambulance Service said the most serious injury was a teen who was “dancing too hard” in the mosh.

That poor fella sadly broke his leg, but we have a sneaking suspicion he’ll be pretty happy to tell the story once he’s recovered.

The Ambulance Service also noted that they were most concerned about drugs, alcohol, and “e-scooters around the Surfers Paradise precinct.”

Police have said most of the issues were to do with ‘toolies’ – older partygoers who insist on rocking up despite being too old and more importantly, not invited.

Acting Chief Superintendent of the Gold Coast Police Rhys Wildman (which we know is a hilarious ironic surname for a cop) had a few kind words to say about the class of 2021.

“Looking back at the last five years … the figures so far reveal that this cohort of schoolies are actually the best.

“I’m sure that provides some relief to parents who are no doubt a bit concerned about sending their child down to schoolies, but they are being well looked after.”

The chairman of the Schoolies Advisory Board Mark Raeburn said many of this year’s attendees had registered for Safer Schoolies events.

These events are formally registered and are supported by roving volunteers who can lend a hand if need be.

We bloody love to see it!