SAY WHAT AGAIN: Bloomberg’s Best Burgers List Has 3 Debatable Aussie Picks

Burger fanaticism in Australia has reached a point where you’re likely to wage war for your favourite joint, and it’s pretty obvious why: we’re positively blessed with an unimaginable variety of patty-bun options. 

Hell, check out the list of articles we’ve cobbled together regarding this meaty phenomenon. You’re mad for ’em. Rabid.

With this in mind, we’re here to alert you to Bloomberg’s brand-new 2017 list of the best burgers in the world, and more specifically, their three Australian picks. Three international chefs and restaurateurs decided these joints are the finest in the land: 

Chur Burger, Belles Hot Chicken, and Neil Perry’s Burger Project. 


Yep. Out of the untold trillions of grills nationwide, the three Australian restaurants selected by Bloomberg’s esteemed panel of experts are a Kiwi-led enterprise, a designated fried chicken joint, and a chef’s side project intended to emulate the plain ol’ corner shop burg.

Regarding the perfectly fine Chur Burger, Hong Kong-based chef Uwe Opocensky said those beef-dealers offer a “beautiful combination with amazing taste.” While we’re not going to dispute that opinion, you’d assume a ~ luxe ~ publication like Bloomberg would be inclined to dig a lil’ deeper – and to not dent our national pride by hailing New Zealander Warren Turnbull’s business.

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Then, Belles Hot Chicken. The Melbourne mainstay, which has since ballooned out to other parts of ‘Straya, was singled out for its hot chicken sandwich. Look, Bloomberg even admits Opocensky went “a little off-piste” with that selection, and one PEDESTRIAN.TV editor commented “why would I go for the burger when there are tenders on the menu?” Again, we’re not disparaging the sandwich, but we get the vibe including it on a list of burgers may be heretical to some.

Finally, Burger Project. Described by mastermind Neil Perry as his chance to recreate the full-bore burgers of his youth, the Sydney joint seems like an odd inclusion. After all, the corner shop grills of this fine nation are still busy turning beef into carbon. 

Then again, look at this:

Feel free to have a gander at the full list right here.  We understand this is totally subjective, but you may also be inclined to craft your own “correct” rankings – just make sure you don’t get sauce on the keyboard in your rancour, friends.