Sandra Sully is an icon. The broadcast journalist with her immediately recognisable voice and hair that simply will not move has been a fixture on Australian television screens for longer than some of you have been alive – 30 years, in fact.

Over that time she’s hosted coverage of everything from federal elections and budgets to royal weddings and terror attacks. Sandra Sully has the range. Also, she has great hair.

This Sandra Sully Hair Filter Will Decide If Yr A 1996 Severe Fringe Or 2019 Blonde Bob
Sandra Sully circa 2001. Photo: Network 10.

She’s so iconic, she once inspired a spoof version of herself (Sandra Sultry, played by Katrina Mathers) on the mid-00s Aussie sketch show The Wedge, which also launched the career of Rebel Wilson. (Honestly? The only thing I remember about that show was Sandra Sultry, who until literally researching this article I wrongly thought was played by Carrie Bickmore. WHO KNEW?)

So to celebrate Sandra’s 30 years of being a deadset legend, Network 10 – as well as throwing a big party, and launching a scholarship with Western Sydney University – has gone full 2020 and launched a ‘Which Sandra Sully hair are you?’ Instagram filter. Are you 2019 Sandra (blonde highlights, short and cropped), 2010 Sandra (bronde shoulder length locks), or 1996 Sandra (severe, straight fringe)?

Find out here, or just go to Sandra’s Instagram to get the filter link.

Image: Network 10