Sally Field’s Matchmaking Skills Resulted In Her Son Meeting Adam Rippon

In what is possibly the most amazing display of wingwomanship in 2018 to date, Sam Greisman – son of actress Sally Field – has met up with winter olympian and 10/10 handsome man Adam Rippon at a gala dinner in Los Angeles.

Greisman posted a text from his mum to Twitter last month, in the midst of the 2018 Winter Olympics, with her commenting that Rippon is “insanely pretty” and that Sam must “find a way”. Find a way to what, Mum? Meet him? Snog him? Lock him down so you can call him your son?

Regardless, it’s very nice to know that famous folk can be extremely embarrassed on the reg by their parents, which makes me feel a bit less bad about my grandma asking me when she’s going to get grandkids…on my 17th birthday.

Fast forward almost a month and Sally Field’s impeccable mothers intuition has proven (almost) true. At a Human Rights Campaign Gala on the weekend, Sam and Adam finally met, snapped a photo together, and posted it online for us all to enjoy – and maybe to appease Sally’s embarrassing mum behaviour.

Adam’s also 100% in on the gag, following up to the pic of Sam and him together, also thanking Sally for her expert matchmaking skills.

This is an absolutely blessed image. A true depiction of two pure angels meeting. We are simply not worthy.

Sally Fields, you might be a Classically Embarrassing Mum that intervenes on your kids’ adult crushes, but I’ll be damned if mum’s don’t get shit done.