Angel On Ice Adam Rippon Announces Retirement To “Conquer The World”

The prettiest skater you ever did see, Adam Rippon has announced that he’s hanging up his skates and retiring from competitive skating after an epic career.

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The 29-year-old Olympic Bronze medalist made the announcement during the CBS This Morning series, Note to Self, revealing that he does not plan on skating competitively in future.

“You are going through a really tough time right now,” Adam says, addressing his younger self. “You’ve just missed qualifying for the Olympic team for the second time in a row. You feel confused and you feel like a failure. It might not make sense right now, but this is truly one of the most important moments in your life. Take a moment and be proud of yourself.”

One of only few openly gay skaters, he shared his coming out story with the hosts.

“You’ve come out to your friends and family a few years ago and it made you feel so free, like you’ve grown wings,” he said.

“Do you remember growing up in Pennsylvania, thinking that being gay was something you would never tell anyone? When you publicly come out in the next year, you will let go of what other people think of you. You will hope to give someone else what you didn’t feel growing up: permission to be themselves. You will be saying: ‘You are worthy.’“

He goes on to recount his past financial struggles as a result of his commitment to skating. Rippon previously said that he used to have to choose between paying for groceries and paying for ice time.

As a budding skater, he lived with his coach for several months and had to take the bus from his hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania to Philadelphia to practice.

“You work so hard, but you are even harder on yourself,” he said. “Now, listen, this part is important: Stand up, walk to a mirror, look yourself straight in the eye and tell yourself, ‘You are a winner.’ You won’t see one looking back at you yet, but do this every day and you’ll really start to learn what being a winner is. Being a winner is a mindset.”

When addressing his future, he tells himself, “You’ve challenged yourself and taken risks. You make people around you laugh, and help them like who they are. You’ve become the role model that you wished you’d had as a kid. You will look in the mirror and you will see someone you like. You will look in the mirror and finally see a winner looking back at you. Now go out and conquer the world.”

Rippon shared the clip on Twitter, writing, “I love my skating family so much and am so grateful to everyone I have met. I have been and can’t wait to continue to cheer for everyone ON AND OFF the ice! I love you, guys.”

He added, “One last thing: If you thought I was going to continue competing after the Olympics I will have a drink for you tonight because you are out of your mind crazy and I admire your optimism and love you with my full heart.”

Skate on, angel. Skate on.