Adam Rippon Is Winning Oscars Gold Looking Like A Leather-Clad Snack

It’s the good day, my friends. The 90th Academy Awards are on and the arrivals are coming in thick and fast. We’re chugging down coffee and keeping a hawk’s eye on the fashions showing up. And your favourite boy Adam Rippon has shown up looking like a) he’s just rolled in from Mardi Gras and b) a god damned snack whole meal with after-dinner mint and strong espresso.

Although he pinned himself as looking “like a melted candle” since returning from the Winter Olympics in Korea, hot damn he’s definitely not looking anything less than a 10/10 delicious morsel for us mere mortals.

Twitter is quietly losing it’s mind over his look which is half black-tie-dinner and half leather-daddy-at-Arq, and understandably so.

Queen of the runway Tyra Banks is entirely behind this thotty look and tbh I don’t think there’s much higher praise that can be given here.

The jacket is from the Moschino ’18 F/W Menswear collection – which is also full of PVC and fetish/gimp attire – and I assume that the harness is…his? (It’s not but I’m sure we’d all like to believe that it is.)