Gay US Winter Olympian Gus Kenworthy Reveals Sickening Homophobic Abuse

US freestyle skier Gus Kenworthy has revealed some of the hateful comments hurled his way since becoming one of the first openly gay athletes to compete for the United States at the Winter Olympics.

Along with figure skater and new mate Adam Rippon, Kenworthy achieved worldwide notoriety for competing at PyeongChang 2018 as an out gay man, a first for their Winter Olympic team. Kenworthy’s fame was compounded after a television broadcast captured him kissing his boyfriend at the end of a run.

While his performance and status as a proud gay athlete drew many fans worldwide, Kenworthy has now taken to Twitter to showcase some of the abuse he’s faced as evidence that coming out can still elicit insane hatred.

“Gross faggot. Fuck you. Go die of aids,” one YouTube comment reads.

“With any luck you will die a horribly painful and drawn out death mangled in a car wreck,” reads another.

And those are only two of the comments provided.

Earlier, Kenworthy told The Los Angeles Times that he feared about the potential repercussions of coming out.

“I was literally scared I was going to lose sponsors, lose my fan base and stop getting invited to events,” he said.

Fortunately, his vocal supporters have thus far outnumbered hateful detractors; Kenworthy also told The Guardian that experiencing the Winter Olympics as an openly gay man was vastly different to his experience at Sochi 2014.

“At the last Olympics I was pretending to be straight and it wasn’t as fun of an experience… If people are hiding their sexuality, they don’t really get their full selves, so you can sometimes feel like you’re presenting sort of like a fogged version of yourself,” Kenworthy said.

“I feel lucky because I feel like Adam and I got to really portray ourselves with who we are so I think we had like the best Olympic experience.”