“It’s probably a good idea to tie down the trampoline.” – actual words spoken by a meteorologist.

Yep, after a fairly glorious weekend (weather-wise, anyway), Sydney is bracing itself for another week of biting winds and pounding rain. 

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, it’s going to be pissing down rain in Sydney from Tuesday to Friday, and by Wednesday, we’re going to be seeing winds of up to 90km/h along the NSW coast.

Rug Up: Sydney’s Gon’ Get Hit With Heavy Rain & 90km/h Winds This Week

Temp-wise, it’s going to be uncomfortably cold, with things bottoming out on Wednesday (min 9; max 16). And the wind, of course, is going to make things feel even colder, not to mention blowing away your untied trampolines. Rug the fuck up.

By Saturday, however, things are looking to clear up for another weekend of winter sunshine.

Melbourne and Canberra, you’re also gonna see things get pretty rainy, but not quite to the same extent – should calm down by Thursday. And Brisbane, you lucky sunova bitches, you’ve got sunshine. ‘Course you bloody do.

Source: Fairfax / BOM.

Photo: Family Guy.