Wild Winds Just Grounded Dozens Of Flights In Melb & Syd, So I Guess You’re Staying Put

Thousands of travellers in Melbourne and Sydney have faced major delays as dozens of flights are cancelled across both major Australian airports. If you thought you could hop on a last minute flight out of the icy prison that is Melbourne, you thought wrong.

Strong winds and heavy rain have resulted in at least 31 domestic flights out of Melbourne being cancelled so far today, according to The Age. Only domestic flights have been grounded at this stage, so you might still be in luck if you’re jet-setting off overseas.

Things looked to be pretty miserable in this time lapse at Tullamarine taken earlier today.

Both Sydney and Melbourne Airport are operating with just one runway, which has caused major delays and drastically limits the amount of departures and arrivals at the terminals.

One Qantas flight apparently spent an hour circling above Tullamarine Airport before it was able to land, meaning it travelled almost double the distance of a normal Sydney-Melbourne flight.

Qantas and Virgin have both urged customers to check for updates to their flight details throughout the day as the unpredictable weather could continue to disrupt the major airports throughout the afternoon.

“We’re asking customers to check their flight status for updates and we hope to get everyone to their destination today,” a Qantas spokesperson said.

Meanwhile, Virgin Australia took to Twitter to make light of the situation with a perfectly timed “this blows” joke to lighten the mood.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, we should expect intensifying “vigorous westerly winds” of up 90km/hr across both NSW and Victoria. Honestly, the thought of flying in 100km/hr winds makes me want to cry.

I can’t think of much that’s worse than being stuck at Melbourne airport after a cancelled flight, but I imagine the dangers of flying in this weather might be a little bit worse. I guess everyone will just have to rug up and drink $16 airport hot choccies until the weather calms the fuck down.