Ruby Rose Wields Fire Gun, Gets Inked, Kisses Bieber As MTV EMAs Host

National treasure Ruby Rose has absolutely, 100%, no-doubt-about-it delivered a 10/10 hosting performance at the MTV EMAs in Milan, where she hammed it up alongside excellent redheaded co-host Ed Sheeran.

The two had a blast, riffing off each other to generate many a LOL moment, but TBH Rubes was the duo’s standout.
She was a red carpet rockstar, and fans were thirsty AF.
She rocked a ‘spaghetti’ dress literally no one else could pull off.

She blew a fire gun like a fucking badass, all while dressed in a ballgown.

The video does it more justice.

She was super chill about an old dude tattooing her with a pizza.

She delivered Ed an ice-cold shutdown after he commented on her many wardrobe changes.

She tried to sober him up as a gesture of forgiveness.

She engaged in a backstage love-in with twin Justin Bieber, who thoughtfully wore red for max #twinning impact.

And all that with a torn bloody hamstring.

If she doesn’t get invited back next year, we’ll be hella surprised.
Images via Twitter.