MTV is launching a new local production in April called MTV Style which will be hosted by the network’s long-time recruit Ruby Rose. The “super hot” new show will have Rose travelling through Australia, New York and Tokyo to explore the local style and hunt down new trends. Ruby’s fashion credentials include various modeling gigs, designing collections for lifestyle/skate shoe brand Gallaz and her Celebrity Fashion Line for Aussie streetwear label Milk and Honey, and dating international supermodel Catherine McNeil.

With MTV Style it will be good to see Ruby engaging with fashion from the position where she is best situated: as a tv show presenter.

MTV Style will screen Tuesdays at 9:30pm from 12 April 2011. We wonder if it will be more or less popular than Arena’s locally made fashion offering, Park Street, the fly-on-the-wall series about inside the secret world of Australian women’s magazines. Which would you rather: one Ruby Rose traversing cross-continental fashion capitals or Ugly Betty without the handsome editor-in-chief and transsexual dramatic arcs?

Title Image by Caroline McCredie via Getty