Ruby Rose To Cover Winter Olympics

According to The Courier Mail Foxtel have enlisted MTV VJ Ruby Rose and Canadian crooner Michael Buble to headline their coverage of the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Rose will “host extreme sports such as snowboarding and freestyle skiing”, which we assume is the result of a Foxtel intern finding the above picture on the internet, while Buble will take Ice Hockey. Foxtel’s TV director Brian Walsh said of the announcement: “You would have to admit that between Steve Liebmann and Ruby Rose we have assembled a team of reliability and freshness, experience and passion”.

We imagine the boardroom meeting went a little something like this…

Foxtel Exec 1: So who’s going to cover snowboarding?

Foxtel Exec 2: (Rubbing temples) Dude shut the fuck up! I’ve got the biggest headache…

Foxtel Exec 1: Tony Hawkinson can we get him? Is he a snowboarder?

Foxtel Exec 2: No he rollerblades. (Sniffs)

Foxtel Exec 1: They have to be young and…hey who’s that?

Foxtel Exec 2: (Looks up to television set) It’s that lesbian presenter for MTV, Ruby Rose.

Foxtel Exec 1: Lesbians like extreme stuff don’t they?

Foxtel Exec 2: Yeah, I guess so…

Foxtel Exec 1: Well she has tattoos so she must love extreme sports.

Foxtel Exec 2: And she’s a lesbian…

Foxtel Exec 1: And she’s a lesbian.

Foxtel Exec 2: You know, this just might work.

Foxtel Exec 1: Of course it’s going to work. Where’s that baggy at?

(High fives)

(End Scene)