Reputable News Source CNN Mocked For Confusing ‘Straya With Austria

Another day, another American geography blunder.

Cable news network CNN has accidentally reported that Australia, not Austria, is building a wall along ‘our’ Slovenian border, which either means we have a much greater-reaching Border Force than any of us imagined, or there’s a CNN researcher currently rocking back and forth in a broom cupboard mumbling: “Arnie, Austria, Crikey, Australia. Arnie, Austria, Crikey, Australia.

The blunder was picked up by American political and economic writer Matthew Yglesias:

And the subsequent mocking was as swift as it was merciless:

CNN have a short but sweet history of mixing shit up – i.e. that time they didn’t see they didn’t recognise a satirical ISIS flag made up of dildos at a Pride Parade for what it was and reported the thing as legit – but Americans have a longer and slightly less sweet history of mixing up Australia and Austria; for example, back in the dark days of U.S. President George Dubya Bush, the gaff-prone POTUS once thanked then-Prime Minister John Howard for visiting Austrian troops in Iraq, of which there were in fact none.

And let’s never forget the ultimate demonstration of America’s grasp on world geography:

Photo / Source: Matthew Yglesias / Twitter.