Here’s Arnold Schwarzenegger Mistaking Australia For Austria In An REA Ad Campaign

Say what you want about celebrity politicians in the US, but they’re certainly not in it just for the pension post-retirement. Take, for example, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Post Gubernatorial term in California, Arnie has gleefully gone straight back to the veiny arms of acting. Movies, TV, appearances, you name it. And, just for the heck of it, a series of Australian Real Estate commercials because… well… fuck it, why not.
It would appear Arnie is the feature attraction in a new TV and online ad campaign for, in which he would very much like to return home to Austria and find a home. Only problem? He’s mistaken Australia’s .au URL extension for Austria’s .at CUE: WHACKY HIJINKS!
The campaign, run by’s parent company REA, is a multi-million dollar blitz-style campaign aimed at tightening the screws around the website’s competitors like Domain.
The whole thing kicked off a few weeks back with “Dylan” chronicling his move from Australia to LA, and subsequent employment as Arnold’s assistant on Twitter.

The campaign, overall, seems solidly clever and genuinely funny. And, at the very least, doesn’t even come close to the weirdest ad campaign that Arnold’s ever leant himself to.
Though, let’s be honest here, every ad ever would be about 10 times more effective with a maniacally laughing liquid Arnold head in it.
Photo: Gisela Schober via Getty Images.