Kiss, Who Gave It A Red Hot Go, Displayed The Australian Flag During A Concert In Austria

Photo of Kris Jenner in Keeping Up With the Kardashians saying "Kiss you're doing amazing sweetie" and photo of logo at Kiss concert showing Australian flag

Please check on your Year 8 geography teacher as a matter of urgency because Kiss displayed the Australian flag instead of the Austrian flag during a concert in Vienna, the capital of Austria, on Sunday night.

So close, yet so far.

Sorry, they didn’t merely display it. A graphic designer specifically crafted a new version of Kiss’ iconique logo with the Australian flag and then it was projected on a gigantic screen while the show was ending and the band was praising their Austrian fans.

The hours that poor graphic designer would have sunk into ensuring the Union Jack fit within the “K” and the “I” properly. The sleepless nights deliberating where to place the Southern Cross. And then suddenly a eureka moment, which I imagine would have gone like this: “Let’s project the Kiss logo and then have “loves you Vienna” after it! Like, Kiss loves Vienna! Because they are performing in Austria!”

Despite the obscenely bizarre whoopsie doodle — and the band being public on social media, thanking the crowd at the Viennese show — Kiss is yet to publicly address it. And I am chomping at the bit for an explanation.

Like: Australia and Austria are diametrically opposed. Different continents, nay hemispheres. We speak English, they speak German. We use the Australian dollar, they use the euro.

Australia would never be able to schlep up a hill like they did in The Sound of Music and, similarly, I would like to see Austria try and pull off The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert when the country has no desert to speak of.

Please, graphic designer who got the Australian and Austrian flags mixed up at the Kiss concert, reveal yourself.

No one is angry at you, we just have a few questions. And if we don’t get some answers I, for one, will bid auf wiedersehen to my sanity.