Every now and again you’re shown an image that makes you blink a couple of times, furrow your bow, let out a weird ‘hmmmm?’ and conclude that the world is fuckin’ weird.

Today, I bring you that image.

Please bestow your gaze upon this poor little tiny bebby calf that looks exactly like Gene Simmons.

Genie was born in Texas, and has been pretty much immediately billed as the mascot of the Cowboy Steak House where her human works.

She’s gained a pretty solid amount of fans since her birth late last month, with the original post copping over 500 shares on Facebook.

Now it’s yet to be known if this little shred lord is old enough to riff out I Was Made For Lovin’ You or Rock N Roll All Nite, but I can tell you that I already prefer this angel’s tiny blep to Gene’s famous, monster tongue.


Image: Getty Images / Kristian Dowling