Real Humans Paying $250 For Kylie Jenner Lipsticks Flogged On Ebay

First, a disclaimer. 

The Kardashian/Jenner fam are totally, 100% deserving of kudos for their frankly ludicrous business acumen. The only other “family” that can guarantee its members such unholy levels of success is the actual Mafia. 

The Kardashian Klan work their grind, and for that, they might deserve the stupid amount of cash they rake in from us lowly plebs. 
That doesn’t make this story any less dumb, though. 
Noted lip-owner Kylie Jenner’s uber-hyped line of lipliners and lipsticks sold out in about three seconds, because of course.

It’s 2015, and things like that happen, but the secondary market for the ‘Lip Kits’ – which sprung up instantly afterwards – is now hawking them for upwards of US $250 a pop.




After stoking the flames of her rabid fanbase into an inferno over her uber-hyped line of lipliners and lipsticks, she even had the sheer audacity to tell her minions to calm down… despite sending one to Kim herself.

Whether the unfettered, relentless nepotism of these bourgeoise elites will spur the unwashed masses to a Kommunist revolution is yet to be seen. 
For now, you’ll just have to choose light brown, brown, or darker brown from the ‘bay. Soz not soz. 

Story via HuffPo.
Image: Steve Granitz via Getty/Ebay.