Six Teens Including A 12 Y.O. Were Hospitalised After A ‘Hectic’ House Party In South Brisbane

CONTENT WARNING: This article discusses alleged sexual assault.

A wild house party in Queensland, which reportedly had almost 400 people in attendance, had a disturbing end as a number of teenagers were taken to hospital.

On Friday, Queensland police were called to a Chambers Flat home at about 11pm. According to the Courier Mail, police were confronted with a massive end-of-school-year party, which almost had 400 teenagers in attendance.

The publication added that six teens, ranging from ages 12 to 18 years old, were hospitalised after paramedics attended the scene.

Speaking to the Courier Mail, Senior paramedic Jane James claimed two paramedics initially responded to the rowdy gathering but called for backup as soon as they arrived.

“A fight broke out in front of (paramedics) and they had to retreat from scene and wait for (Queensland Police Service) to arrive,” James said, as per the publication.

“Once QPS arrived we went in together – it was a hectic scene.”

The Senior paramedic went on to reveal that one person was “reportedly assaulted” and that “the rest were alcohol and drug-related ailments”.

“It is very concerning for a 12-year-old to be at such a large house party and potentially having consumed alcohol or drugs,” she added.

It’s also alleged that rocks were thrown at paramedics when they arrived on the scene.

“It is confronting; people can get out of control, turn on our paramedics as we have seen in the past – retreating is their only option,” James continued.

“We often wait for QPS to arrive. As we are coming to the end of the school year and Schoolies, we just need to be mindful of the safety of our officers.”

However, according to Daily Mail Australia, a spokeswoman from the Queensland Ambulance Service denied that rocks were thrown.

A police spokesperson told Courier Mail that a 19-year-old man was issued an infringement in relation to trespassing and public nuisance.

It is also believed that police are investigating an alleged sexual assault, as per the publication.

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