Queen Liz Called A 3AM Emergency Meeting At The Palace & No One Knows Why

Get out your Royal Rumour Bingo Cards, because something big appears to be going down at Buckingham Palace.
According to reports from the UK press, Queen Elizabeth II‘s entire staff have been called to an emergency meeting in the early hours of the morning, including staff members from as far afield as Balmoral in Scotland. While full staff meetings are occasionally called, this one’s notable for being extremely secretive, very last-minute and like, at 3am. It’s super weird.
Obviously most people immediately jumped to the conclusion that one of the elderly monarchs has carked it, considering Queen Liz is 91 and her husband Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, is nearly 96.
and he doesn’t look a day over 150

But apparently the Palace’s press office is reassuring British reporters that no-one has died, and nobody else seems to have any bloody idea what is going on. 

Why call a 3am meeting of the entire staff, then? A sensible person might think something along the lines of an emergency abdication, discovery of an internal threat, or a royal grandchild in some kind of danger. I myself prefer to think that Philip’s finally snapped and is demanding the rotten blighter who stole his cricket-themed tie pin to own up in front of everyone. 

We’ll keep you updated on this story as it develops.

Source: News.com.au
Image: Getty / Tetra Images.