Happy Platinum Jubilee To Queen Liz, Who Is Now At Risk Of COVID Thanks To Prince Charles

prince charles covid queen elizabeth risk

Prince Charles has tested positive for COVID-19 a second time and has put his mum, Queen Elizabeth II, at risk of getting it too.

Good God, imagine being the person to not only get your elderly mother extremely fucking crook, but also she’s the literal Queen of England.

Clarence House confirmed on Twitter that Charles tested positive for coronavirus overnight. He is now in self-isolation and will not be able to attend the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations in Winchester.

Per the BBC, a Buckingham Palace source said Prince Charles met with his mother at Windsor Castle two days before he presented a positive test. There’s been no word on whether Queen Liz has contracted COVID, but reports say she doesn’t have any symptoms.

This is the second time Prince Charles has contracted COVID in two years and he only had “mild symptoms” when he contracted it in March 2020. Clarence House has confirmed that Charles is now triple vaccinated against the virus but hasn’t commented further on how he’s going this time around.

Apparently, Camilla Parker-Bowles has tested negative for COVID after her husband’s positive result but she now has to do a RAT every day for seven days, in line with England’s close contacts rules. Charles now has to remain in isolation for 10 days but could leave early if he tests negative on days five and six.

Fingers crossed the Queen hasn’t picked up the spicy cough from her (also nearing elderly) son, that’ll be a big dampener on her Platinum Jubilee celebrations. Definitely not lubbly jubbly energies, innit.