Holy Shit: There’s A ‘Revolt’ In The Queen’s Staff & Her Head Housekeeper Of 32 Years Has Quit

Thought The Crown was wild? Just wait ’til you hear what’s going on in the palace IRL at the moment ‘cos The Queen is really in the shitter this time.

According to The Express’ royal corresponded Richard Palmer, back in October there was a mad “staff revolt” over in Sandringham, where The Queen plans on spending the holidays, “over attempts to make them isolate from their families.”

Apparently The Queen was “furious” after she found out workers were refusing to isolate in order to “be able to join a small bubble of close aides serving the monarch over Christmas.”

As they say, the truth is stranger than fiction. (Credit: The Crown)

And the chaos doesn’t seem to have died down even a tad as The Sun reports that the Queen’s head housekeeper of 32 years, Patricia Earl, has called it quits, with the outlet claiming she was “said to be embarrassed after some servants refused to COVID bubble for four weeks over the festive period so that the Queen and Prince Philip would be able to stay there safely.”

The drama’s gotten so intense, that the Queen has been forced to scrap her annual holidays plans and will now stay at Windsor Castle over the holidays the first time in 33 years. Meanwhile, a Buckingham Palace spokesman reportedly said that of Patricia’s resignation: “This was a completely amicable departure.”

Can’t wait to see all this play out on The Crown reboot that’ll no doubt hit Netflix in, like, 20 years time.

In the meantime, The Crown seasons 1 – 4 are now streaming on Netflix, so go suss it out for the other drama surrounding The Queen.