A Sunshine Coast mum who anonymously posted a controversial set of house rules for her 18-year-old daughter in the Sunny Coast Community Board Facebook group earlier this week has explained her system in detail to the Sunshine Coast Daily News‘.    

If you missed the original set of rules, then you’re really in for a treat/post-war flashback. 

By way of introduction, mum threatens that if her daughter disobeys, or is unhappy about the arrangement, “You can find somewhere else to live“, but adds “This will be your choice for not following these simple rules.” Okay mum, sure. 

Then she goes on to tell her daughter to “get a life” by getting out of bed before 10am (r00d!); to be home by 10.30pm on weeknights (probably fair enough); to “find somewhere else to stay” if she’s going to be out after midnight on weekends, because mother doesn’t want her sleep to be disturbed (this seems unnecessarily brutal); and to be home weeknights when not working to help prepare dinner, eat as a family, and to clean up afterwards (every weeknight?).

She’s also required to take rubbish out after dinner, and before work (okay, clean the bathroom weekly (okay), and keep her room tidy (also probably okay).

Still, it’s a lot:   

QLD Mum Defends Hectic House Rules For Adult Daughter As “Family Values”

Now mum has prepared a response, which we will go through now. She sets the tone pretty kindly: 

Firstly, we love our daughter very much (as well as her brothers) and we are doing this because we love them. 

“We certainly don’t want to kick our children out of home, our aim is for everyone to work together as a family and to help our children get ahead in life to be ready for what life is like outside of their family home.

But then she goes on to rail against her daughter for sleeping all day on her days off from a job in hospitality, calling her ‘lazy’. Anyone who has still been serving schooners to very drunk people on a Friday night at 1am knows that can take the wind out of you, and maybe it’s fair enough to relax a bit afterwards. Lie there for a week, self-care, all that. 

She says people took the midnight curfew rule “the wrong way“, because y’know, she meant only staying at mates’ places after a night out clubbing, not ending up in unsafe situations because she’s not allowed home at night. Obvs: “She would never be not allowed home if she didn’t make other arrangements.” Phew.  

What is wrong with some good old family values?” she cries, Mark Latham-style, while defending asking her daughter to be home for dinner and to do “chores” every weeknight. 


And to finish, a quick burn about her daughter not knowing how to “be a part of a family” and “show respect to those who she is living with“:  

There is so much disrespect for people and their belongings with the youth of today, that the parents who are trying to raise great humans are almost fighting a losing battle at times

But while our children live in our home that we have worked hard to provide for us all, then we expect our children to have respect for us.”

And so ends an epic tale of another boomer rallying against the no-good youth of today: her own daughter. 

Photo: Touchstone.

Source: Sunshine Coast Daily.