A Mum Photoshopped The Body Of Her 8-Year-Old Daughter & Is Rightfully Getting Dragged For It

Mum blasted on reddit after she photoshopped her 8-year-old daughter's body.

A US mum has been blasted on Reddit after she was accused of photoshopping her young daughter’s body to make her figure more adult. Fkn yikes!!!!

A screenshot of the mum’s post was shared to the subreddit r/InsaneParents last week with the caption: “This woman constantly photoshops her daughter’s body to look like this. She’s EIGHT.”

The picture itself is of three kids (with their faces blacked out for anonymity), with a little girl in the middle. Her body is distorted so her waist looks smaller and her hips look wider, giving her an… hourglass figure??? Again, she’s only eight years old!

The warp from the edit left the girls’ arms looking bendy like limp noodles, so it definitely seems like the pic is a shit attempt at editing.

Reddit users shame mum for photoshopping her young daughters body
This… is not it. Source: Reddit u/Few-Letter3687

Obviously, this is weird AF. Imagine editing your own *child’s* body to look more adult. She is only in year four! What is the reason?? What could this possibly achieve except deeply entrenched body-image issues??

As a former child myself, I can actually remember the first time someone commented on my body and pretty much every instance after that. It really does fuck you up.

One user asked the original poster if anyone commented on any of the the mum’s Facebook posts and called her out.

“Yes, she adamantly denies ever photoshopping pictures and [insists] that her daughter ‘just looks like that’,” they responded.

“Then she deletes the comments. I genuinely cannot comprehend her motivation behind this.”

Naturally, the post was accompanied with with thousands of angry comments before it was locked, most of which expressed concern for the girl’s welfare.

“Damn… That’s creepy,” one person wrote.

“I can’t imagine what that would do to the poor girl psychologically,” said another.

“Looking at airbrushed models in magazines is bad enough and gives kids unrealistic ideas about how they should look.”

“Honestly disgusting. What does she hope to gain?” another wondered.

Who knows, honestly. It certainly looks like this mum has her own unresolved issues around body image that she needs to work on.

Unsurprisingly, it appears the pictures of her sons remain untouched. Classic.