NZ Netball Champ Casey Kopua’s Daughter Made A Snack Of Her Mum In Post-Game Presser

They say that having kids is the greatest award of all, but sometimes when you’ve just won the bloody Netball World Cup it’d be nice if you weren’t outshone by your own child. But hey, at least Maia Kopua is a superstar in the making.

Casey Kopua was celebrating New Zealand’s World Cup victory against Australia when her adorable daughter Maia made her spicy television debut by licking her mum’s neck in a post-game interview.

No shade, we all need a salty snack occasionally, and sometimes mum’s shoulder is the only option.

The Silver Ferns player was awarded player of the match in the tight 52-51 victory on Monday, but it was her three-year-old daughter who proved to be the real MVP.

The 34-year-old mother has represented the country in a number of local and international tournaments including three Commonwealth Games. But, ya know, sometimes your kid is just too darn cute and steals your thunder.

Fans took to Twitter to congratulate Casey on her epic performance, and Maia on becoming an internet sensation:

The interviewer then asked the superstar three-year-old if she liked the taste of her mum’s sweat, but obviously, she didn’t have time to respond because she was too busy tasting that sweet victory sweat. A very busy woman, obviously.

I’m pretty sure this footage is going straight in the 21st birthday video-montage folder!

Who says you can’t be a mum and the best netballer in the world? Who run the world? Girls.