Raid Thine Rebel Sport Bc A Deflated Netball Was Used In That Bridgerton S2 Sex Scene


Bridgerton‘s Jonathan Bailey revealed how those saucy season two sex scenes were filmed. Let’s just say there were more uses for a netball than what we all previously thought.

Bailey appeared on UK morning show This Morning this week. Host Alison Hammond asked him how the show’s spicy “shaggy-shaggy situation[s]” were filmed.

Hammond had heard Bailey and his co-stars placed a deflated netball in between them and their on-screen partner when they filmed sex scenes.

The Netflix star admitted they did. He then clarified it was done to put a physical barrier in between actors for their safety.

Hammond then grabbed some cushions off the couch and asked if Bailey wouldn’t mind showing her the method. She quickly became my favourite part of this interview.

“We need three barriers. There’s a three barrier rule,” explained the Bridgerton actor.

Jonathan Bailey said each actor had their own barrier. A half-inflated netball was placed in between their own cushions for added non-physical contact.

The Bridgerton team hired intimacy coordinator Lizzy Talbot to direct their saucier scenes this season according to

Talbot worked on a bunch of other well-known shows such as The Witcher and Dexter so it was no surprise the Bridgerton producers wanted to bring her aboard.

IMO it’s deffo possible the netball idea might have been Talbot’s.

In other fun news the soundtrack for season two is currently available wherever music is streamed, sold and bartered. Best prepare thine earholes as well as thine netball pumps.