Kim K Edited True’s Face Onto Stormi’s Body On Instagram & The Internet Would Like To Know Why

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It’s no secret that the Kardashian/Jenner dynasty is built on meticulously planned posts, (allegedly) photoshopped images and a close-knit sense of loyalty to each other. Sometimes, however, the shit they put on Instagram is so obviously edited that you can’t help but roll your eyes back into your skull. Today is one of those days, friends.

TikTok user @maiachondrialmembrane (Maia) has taken to the app to point out the egregious photoshopping that Kim Kardashian has done on one of her recent posts, in which a picture of her daughter Chicago West and Khloé‘s daughter True looks a little bit… off, to say the least.

Gaze upon the picture in question. It doesn’t take an expert’s eyes to realise that this picture has been edited out the wazoo. I mean, just look at True’s face. What on Earth is going on here?

Maia explains in her TikTok that the picture posted is actually of Chicago and Stormi, but True’s head has been photoshopped over to make it look like Stormi wasn’t even there.

It sounds like madness because it pretty much is, but Maia has the receipts as well, showing a months-old picture of True which looks like the original pic that Kim used to face-transplant one of her nieces onto her other niece.


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“I would genuinely like to know why this family is so fucking weird,” says Maia in the TikTok.

“Kim posted this photo and when I first looked at it I instantly knew something was off.”

“True just looks obviously photoshopped and like she’s not really there.”

Maia then goes on the speculate that it was all part of a calculated move to hide Stormi’s face from the public until Travis Scott made his return to Instagram post-Astroworld fuckery.

Think of it as a distraction image to keep the people entertained… I guess?

Shortly after the photoshopped image went up and Travis returned to IG, the Hulu trailer for The Kardashians was released, making it even more obvious that all this shit was an (alleged) ploy to get people talking.


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Please, Kardashian klan, no more photoshop fuckery. I can’t take it anymore.