Let’s Not Forget About The Time A Presenter Tested His Fight Or Flight Response With A Rooster

Contributor: Charisa Boss

This video is hands down one of the funniest videos to come out of Australia, right up there with Brendan Fevola hosting the red carpet at the Brownlows. The infamous clip of Today Show reporter Steven Jacobs attacked by a rooster has over three million views on YouTube, and it’s easy to see why.

But we have to ask, who the hell thought it was a good idea for Jacobs to hold a chook while filming a live segment? Don’t they know the golden rule for entertainment: never talk about fight club? Well, almost…it’s to never work with children or animals, no matter how cute or cuddly they are, let alone a giant rooster.

However, we have a few theories as to why the rooster decided to go rogue that morning.

Could it be that one of the cameramen had a personal vendetta against Jacobs and decided to rile the animal up before filming? Or maybe the chicken was suffering major hangry vibes? A hunger blunder that could’ve easily been resolved with a Snickers but I’m not too sure if birds are allowed chocolate. How do I find out this information? Lastly, perhaps the chook saw one of his friends off-camera and fluttered his wings simply to say hello.

Whatever the case may be, Jacobs handled it like an absolute pro, in that he took off running in the other direction while his colleagues are heard laughing in the background.

The Today Show has struck gold when it comes to iconic television moments. Everything from Karl Stefanovic hosting while visibly dusky the morning after the Logies to that Sabre Norris interview, where the 12-year-old champion surfer accused her father of eating too many salted caramel ice creams.

If you’re facing a little lockdown fatigue today, this clip will surely help you have a good chuckle. Let’s just hope Jacobs has since recovered.

The rooster’s publicist, however, advised he was not available for comment.