Police Make Second Largest Drug Bust in Australian History

Police have seized 2.8 tonnes of illicit drugs, in what has been called the second largest drug bust in Australian history. 
We’re finding it hard to even picture how many drugs that is. That’s probably more drugs than Snoop Dogg has done in his entire lifetime. That’s enough drugs that you could build an igloo out of drugs and then go inside it and do even more drugs. 
Suffice to say, it’s a lot of drugs.
The Sydney Morning Herald report that around 1917 kilograms of MDMA were seized, enough to make around 10 million ecstasy tablets, along with a further 849 kilograms of methamphetamine. All told, the combined street value was $1.5 billion.
The drugs themselves were allegedly shipped to Australia from Hamburg, Germany in one bulk lot – trust the nation who gave the world ALDI to come up with that kind of efficiency. 
Australian authorities cooperated with German federal police and INTERPOL on the bust, which saw the arrest of six men, all Australian citizens, picked up in Sydney’s Smithfield earlier today. 
More searches and arrests are expected in coming days.
“By any measure, this is an enormous seizure of illicit narcotics,” said AFP Commissioner Andrew Colvin. “No shit, dude,” said everybody else.

Image via Universal Pictures