Between 27 and 29 December, Royal Australian Navy ship HMAS Warramunga seized 69 kilograms of heroin and almost eight tonnes of hashish, worth a massive $415 million, from drug smugglers on three boats on the Arabian Sea.

69 Kilograms Of Heroin & 8 Tonnes Of Hashish Seized By Aussie Navy Ship

The ship’s commander Dugald Clelland said: “A thorough search by the boarding parties uncovered a large quantity of hashish and heroin intended for distribution around the world.

Their hashish haul – part of a major bust which was months in the works – is now the largest seized by an Aussie ship working on Middle East maritime security operations.

Major General John Frewen, the commander of Aussie forces in the area, said: “This operation will impact on the flow of narcotics around the world and the use of drug money to fund extremist organisations.”

The drugs are now on board the ship, and will be disposed of at sea, presumably not via intravenous injection.

Source: The Guardian
Image: Trainspotting