Federal Cops Take Break From Raiding Media Outlets To Seize $1.2B Meth Shipment

In their spare time away from abjectly raiding the offices and homes of Australian media who tried to report on possible war crimes committed by the military, Australian Federal Police officials have managed to intercept the largest onshore ice bust in Australian history, in what’s turning out to be quite the week for the AFP.

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AFP and Australian Border Force officials in Melbourne confirmed this morning that they have intercepted a shipment of ice concealed inside stereo speakers that now ranks as the largest bust in Australian history. The consignment weighs in at around 1.6 tonnes and carries with it a street value of a staggering $1.2 billion, which is roughly the equivalent of 16 million individual drug deals.

In addition, the bust uncovered 37kgs of heroin, which in itself was worth around $18.5 million.

Authorities selected a consignment for further investigation and found a container packed with speakers that had originated in Bangkok, Thailand. After x-raying the goods, anomalies in the speakers were spotted, and further investigation revealed each had been tightly packed with vacuum-sealed parcels containing the drugs.

ABF Regional Commander Craig Palmer confirmed the consignment was the largest in Australian history, and praised ABF efforts in identifying and intercepting it.

This is the largest meth bust we’ve ever seen in this country and demonstrates not only the brazen nature of those involved in this criminal activity, but the resolve of the ABF in Victoria and around the country to stop these imports.

No arrests have been made in connection with the shipment as of yet, but the investigation remains on-going.

If you happen to know of someone currently missing over a billion dollars in meth, you can contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.