Plz Help This Tiny Kitten Born Without A B-Hole Fulfil Her Dream Of Pooping

Everyone loves a good poop. I don’t care if you say otherwise, pooping is just a real great time for all.

So spare a thought for this poor lil’ freshly born kitten named Cluck, who is yet to experience the joys of a solid shit, sadly born without the necessary equipment, namely a butthole.

Cluck the cat has no butthole. None. She is the the proverbial Barbie doll of cats, genitally speaking. This feline is sans arsehole and it is INCREDIBLY sad.

“Beep beep. Next stop, a new butthole please.”

Born just over a week ago and rescued from the Los Angeles streets by peeps from the adorably named rescue clinic Kitty Bungalow Charm School for Wayward Cats, Cluck was discovered to be suffering from a condition called imperforate anus.

The rare disorder of not having a bumhole unfortunately means her urine and faeces both go out the uretha and if she doesn’t get expensive, difficult surgery soon, Cluck won’t see out the month.

Talking to Huffington Post, clinic worker Shawn Simons says of the dilemma:

Right now, she’s nursing off her mom, so her poop is very liquidy. When she gets on harder food, it will be impossible for poop to pass through.

She’s gaining weight and seems healthy other than not having the butthole.

In order to get financial assistance for Cluck’s butt, the clinic has launched a crowdfunding page title ‘Kitty Needs A Butthole’.

The fund is currently already over $8,000 USD, meaning it’s looking likely Cluck will get her surgery, with any further money raised going to help other cats at the shelter, regardless of their pooper’s status.

God speed little Cluck. May you be shitting freely with your new sphincter, very soon.

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