2 Chainz’s Snoozy Doggo Trappy Completely Stole The Show On ‘Jimmy Fallon’

DID YOU KNOW that American rapper and extremely tall man 2 Chainz is the proud owner of one extremely fucking cute French bulldog?

Yep, it’s true. Meet Trappy:

The above gif is from a music video that sweet baby Trappy starred in for his famous dad, so yeah, he’s basically a movie star as well as unbearably squishable.

No surprise, then, that the rapper’s recent interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon was completely derailed by the pupper’s appearance, as he stole all the attention (and our hearts) by falling asleep in the middle of a story about 2 Chainz breaking his leg.

Arrrghhhh he’s too much!!

There’s a fun story behind Trappy – it turns out 2 Chainz hosts a show called Most Expensivest (previously Most Expensivest Shit), and that’s how he met Trappy’s dad: one of the most expensive dogs in the WORLD.

Look at him patting those tiny, wrinkly, bazillion-dollar pooches!

(There’s a cat version as well, if you’re so inclined.)

Now he and Trappy live the high life together, flying around the world and going on Jimmy Fallon to watch him compare New York‘s drinking water to the $100,000 bottled stuff (unfavourably, as it turns out).

Watch the whole interview right here. WE LOVE YOU TRAPPY.