Insta-Famous Pup ‘Life Of Pikelet’ Has A GoFundMe For A Huge Rescue Ranch

If you’re obsessed with dogs to the point where you follow more pups than human beings on Instagram (me), you’re probably well across the adorable cuteness that is Life Of Pikelet.

In case you aren’t (*Game Of Thrones voice* shame! shaaaaame!), it’s an Instagram account run by a couple who adopted a gorgey pit bull they named Pikelet years back. At first it was just this lil’ guy.

Then, they fostered (and sometimes adopted) more and more dogs, including these ridiculously cute pups they coined the ‘Pie Slice Puppies“.

Since then, there’s been a piglet called Pillow:


A deaf puppy the entire internet fell in love with, that had a post go viral because she’s the cutest thing in the world.

Even a goat.

Basically, they’re real-life angels who don’t just take cute pics of their pets – they genuinely help stray animals to find them their forever-homes and save them from either a lonely shelter life, or death row.

Up until this point Pikelet’s parents have been fostering as many animals as their home can allow, but they’ve got some major plans for something far bigger – a proper ‘Rescue Ranch’.

Yup, the pair have started a GoFundMe with a $250k goal, that’ll finance a property to fit loads of animals in need of foster care.

The dream is to have top quality care and housing facilities to take in all sorts of animals in need of rehabilitation, rescue and rehoming. Living in our house as they normally would, means that we need to provide a clean, safe and well equip environment. 

Having the bonus of land and paddocks as a garden will ensure we can take in possible wildlife and farm animals as they need rescue and still provide them with an environment that better suits their needs than our current inner city tiny urban rental.

They also want to make an ‘Air PnP‘, named after two of their rescue pups – Patty Cakes and Pikelet – a hotel-style guest house for volunteers and visitors outside of NSW to stay, as Life Of Pikelet has quite a global following.

You’ll get to be part of the family while still having your own space to relax and chill. Myself & Patty may even crash the guest pad for some sleepover snuggles with favourite visitors.

While they admit the full dream is a bit of a way off, the GoFundMe is a big step in the direction they want to head.

…This Go Fund Me will help get us there that little bit quicker. All funding raised via this Go Fund Me campaign and any other share in ‘profits’ we may receive from future Life of Pikelet products & projects, will automatically go into the “Life of Pikelet Rescue Ranch” account. 

It’s all just bloody wonderful and lovely – so if you wanna donate, hit up the GoFundMe here.

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