There’s A Chook In The NT Named ‘Cluck Norris’ Who Legit Thinks He’s A Roo

This is definitely one to store away for later in the weekend, because on the list of things guaranteed to ease a Sunday hangover, “unlikely animal friends” sits comfortably in the top five.
A roadhouse in the Northern Territory is home to one such pairing, with a rooster adopted by the Erldunda Roadhouse settling in with their resident mob of kangaroos, to the point where the chook dead set now acts like he’s one of them.
The roadhouse, which might well be the quite literal dead centre of the country (it’s 200km south of Alice Springs, if that’s any indication), adopted the rooster a few months ago after a guest found him under a bridge on the highway between the roadhouse and Alice Springs.
The friendly chook, which roadhouse site management named CLUCK NORRIS just quietly, immediately fell in with the resident roos, and within two months was doing his darnedest to act exactly like them.
Kira Boswell, who manages the roadhouse site, spoke to ABC Rural about how Cluck came to live with them, and how he’s become something of a tourist attraction.

“One of our guests arrived a couple of months ago and found him out under one of the bridges between here and Alice. They noticed he was so friendly and a lovely bird.”

“[Tourists] come up and see Cluck and it gives them a good laugh. They think it’s hilarious that he eats with them. He almost looks like he’s chatting with them.”

Cain Powell, who serves as the roadhouse’s wildlife warrior, reckons he’s never seen anything quite like how Cluck has assimilated with the roos.

“Never a kangaroo. A dog, a cat, but never a kangaroo. This is the first one I’ve seen, and he’s doing a pretty good job of it too. He likes to bite like a kangaroo, and he likes to have a kick like a kangaroo as well.”

“He’s exactly the same, like the other ‘roos. They will come up and always want to get a pat off me, and he will want to come up and get a pat off me.”

“He is the lowest in the pecking order of course, but they do all right with him. He’s got a very good temperament for a rooster.”

The ABC has many, many more photos of Cluck with his roos mates (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED VIEWING) and frankly with the way everything else is going in the world, we could certainly use a feel-good yarn about a chook and some kangaroos chilling out and being mates in the scorching middle of nowhere.

But just to reiterate, his name is CLUCK NORRIS.

Source: ABC News.
Photo: Erldunda Roadhouse/Facebook.