A Penguin In Perth Is Binge-Watching Episodes Of Pingu & It’s About As Cute As Nature Gets

Turns out penguins, like us humans, love to watch Pingu. The iconic children’s show is enough to lift the spirits of even the weariest feathered friends, apparently.

Pierre is a rockhopper penguin at Perth Zoo, and he’s been feeling feeling a bit under the weather lately. Luckily his time indoors has at least provided ample opportunity to binge his favourite show, which, if you haven’t already picked up, is Pingu. The bird’s got taste.

“What I have here is an iPad for our rockhopper penguin Pierre,” one of the zookeepers explained.

“Pierre is by himself in the vet department and does get a bit lonely at times, and to make his life a bit more enriching we’ve decided to get other rockhoppers online for him to watch.”

Among other things, Pierre’s also been watching nature docos about penguins, as well as live streams of the penguins at Kansas City Zoo in the US.

“Pierre’s been enjoying watching them and seeing them in their little habitats at their zoo,” the zookeeper added.

That’s right. Pierre has basically been FaceTiming with his new mates on the other side of the world.

If you’re as obsessed with Pierre as we are, catch more of him right here:

Now, whether Pierre identifies more with Pingu as a character (I mean, they kind of have similar names) or his frenemy Pingg remains to be seen.

It’s been a huge day for penguins here at P.TV, with news also breaking that Phillip Island’s annual penguin parade will now be livestreamed for free. If you need your penguin fix, you’ve stuck gold today.

Noot – and I cannot stress this enough – noot.