Melbourne’s Gentoo Penguins Zeus And Roger Have Hatched The Cutest Little Pingu Bebes

Penguins Melbourne

Several fluffy little penguin chicks have emerged at Melbourne’s SEA LIFE Aquarium, and I truly cannot hold in just how excited I am for not only the new parents, but for me. Fuck I love penguins.

Zeus (female) and Roger (male) the Gentoo penguins have welcomed their unnamed bubs into the world, in what will be their first-ever foray into the world of parenting. God, even talking about it I feel rude that I haven’t given them something for their baby shower.

To add to the cuteness, the pair will now be a waddle, which is what a group of penguins is called. I am screaming.

The official foster parents of the bub are Gentoo penguins Mouse and Lamington, who already have kids of their own, so they know a thing or two about raising bubs.

Melbourne PenguinsZeus (left) and her hubby Roger (right) when they first got together in 2019.

This is the 11th successful Gentoo breeding season for SEA LIFE Aquarium. The bubs will join their fam in the Penguin Playground, and are constantly being checked and monitored to ensure they are the healthiest of little bebes.

“We absolutely love this time of year when we welcome babies into the colony! Gentoo penguins are known for their playful and curious characters, so we have decided to let the chicks’ “penguinalities” shine through before choosing the most adorable and appropriate names,” said Sarina Walsh, Bird Manager at SEA LIFE.

There is just something about the word ‘penguinalities’ that fills me with limitless joy.

But hey, enough talking, let’s look at the bubs.

Hatch Hatch

The little bubs hatched from their eggs this morning just before the aquarium opened up, and you can gaze upon the cuteness of them crack-cracking away at their tiny eggs.

Gentoo Egg

Then bam! Penguin bebe. So cute and so adorable. I cannot wait for them to have a name, but SEA LIFE, might I suggest something along the lines of ‘Bub’.

Melbourne Penguins

Melbourne Penguins

The bubs have cuddled up in their pebble nests, and are ready to a whole world of adventure.

Melbourne Gentoo Chicks

Zeus, Roger, if you’re reading this (as I’m sure you are), congratulations on the new additions to your lovely family.

Tell the kids I said hi, xoxo.