Two Channel 9 Presenters Deadset Thought The UK PM Was A ‘Minor Royal’ At The Queen’s Funeral

UK Prime Minister Liz Truss walking into Westminster Abbey for Queen's funeral and Nine News' Peter Overton during live broadcast

In a slight awkward turtle moment, Nine presenters Peter Overton and Tracy Grimshaw didn’t recognise the United Kingdom’s new Prime Minister Liz Truss when she rocked up to the Queen’s funeral.

We’ve all been there, lads.

The whoopsie doodle happened during Nine’s live coverage of the Queen’s funeral, as Overton and Grimshaw were announcing who was arriving at Westminster Abbey.

I know it’s very normal to announce who’s arriving at events such as ‘yuge events but it’ll never not make me think of Joan Rivers‘ commentary as guests showed up at the Far Far Away Royal Ball in Shrek 2. But alas, I digress.

“So, this is a significant motorcade, we are being told now. Come with us as we try and identify who is getting out of the car,” Overton said.

“This is under police escort, of course. I would suggest this might be royalty, Tracy.”

I need you to rethink that suggestion, Peter. I am begging you to just trust me on this.

Truss hopped out of the car and the duo were bamboozled. Who was this random woman with a blonde bob and, frankly, a snatched little black dress?

“Hard to identify. Maybe minor royals,” Overton said.

“I can’t identify them at this point.”

Look, to give Overton and Grimshaw credit, it truly was a bit hard to figure out who was hopping out of the car in the first few seconds. The camera was recording the motorcade from a weird bird’s-eye-view and it genuinely just looked like a blonde woman in a dress and a bloke in a suit hopping out of the car.

But then the angle changed and it was quite obviously the PM, and it took Overton a hot second to confirm the guests were not, in fact, minor royals.

“I’m just told that was Liz Truss the new Prime Minister in the distance, who we could see hopping out of that car,” he said.

“Thank you very much for that information.”

Imagine being a fly on the studio wall, watching a journalist learn what the new UK Prime Minister looks like. I’ve never wanted to be a fly so badly.