It turns out that if you’re a wanted fugitive, having your face plastered over national television can become slightly inconvenient.

Only days after Brooklyn the wombat-chasing doggo was untrenched in the greatest Aussie rescue effort since Beaconsfield, his owner Charlie Griffith has been identified as a wanted fugitive in the state of Victoria

Reports say Griffith is wanted for offences involving assault and stalking (same as the dog then, really), and Victoria Police even put his photo out in 2014 asking for leads. 

Brooklyn was unearthed in Nowra, NSW, and Vicpol are reportedly working with their eastern counterparts to track Griffith down.

If his extrication is anything like his dog’s, we can expect the authorities to give up after a few days, making way for locals to dig him out themselves.

ICYMI, the 42kg pup made national headlines after a serious bout of wishful thinking drove him down a wombat-hole. You can re-live his triumphant unearthing – and have another gander at the footage that found Griffith – right here:

Story via 7 News. 
Image via 7 News/Geelong Advertiser.