You Can Play Two-Up Online This Sat ‘Cause Even A Pandemic Won’t Stop ANZAC Day Traditions

No need to freak about not being able to play two-up in iso this Saturday, because someone’s got your back.

Ben McCarthy had the stroke of genius to make an online version of two-up while playing online Cards Against Humanity.

“A shocking thought occurred to me: a great Australian tradition is endangered this year,” he told PEDESTRIAN.TV.

“ANZAC Day without two-up is bloody un-Australian. Our diggers fought for our right to play two-up on ANZAC Day, so it felt like my patriotic duty to throw together a game of online two-up.

“I couldn’t in good conscience not let Australians gamble away their dosh on ANZAC Day even if the pubs are closed.”

But like the real thing, you can’t play it just yet. Currently, the only thing on the site is a countdown timer for ANZAC Day.

So tantalising…

Not even iso can stop Australia from observing the tradition of not giving a fuck about two-up until ANZAC Day comes around. Nobody, not even the website’s creator, will let you play early.

The game is just a bit of fun and doesn’t use real cash, which means it’s technically not gambling. Does this skirt the rule which bans it on almost every other day of the year except ANZAC Day? We’ll never know, because we’re not allowed into the site!

Of course, a bunch of online casinos already offer two-up where you can bet real money. But these sites involve a sign-up process which ruin the spontaneity of the game. And besides, online casinos are seedy AF.

Be sure to kip an eye on this weekend, pandemic be damned.