Barack And Michelle Obama Might Make Shows For Netflix For Something To Do

While I’m still getting over the fact that Netflix landed Drew Barrymore for a show, apparently they’ve set their sights on an even larger target. According to The New York Times, Barack and Michelle Obama are in talks to produce shows for the streaming giant.

We don’t have too many specifics to work with here, but before you wildly speculate, the Times have just the right amount of insider info to tease us and give shape to the shows we’ll all be frothing over in due course.

So, here’s what we definitely know: talks aren’t final, and Apple and Amazon have reached out the Obamas too for similar content deals. We also know that if it goes forward, we won’t be getting late-night show styled takedowns of Trump.

There’s a few show options being floated: one idea is a Barack-moderated show which centres on the topics of his presidency, such as health care, immigration and climate change. Another could build off the former First Lady’s time in the White House, where she focused on nutrition and promoting healthy eating.

They could also produce and lend their name to docos and series that relate to their legacies. According to the unnamed people the Times talked to for their story, the deal is a way for the Obamas to have a direct voice in the current media climate.

We have absolutely no idea how much money we’re talking in this deal either. Considering that Netflix recently gave Glee and American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy a $300 million deal, it’s clear they got cash to burn.

While you wait for the Obama-media empire to begin, you could always watch the former president’s interview on David Letterman’s new talkshow, also on Netflix. Now that’s synergy.

Source: The New York Times

Image: Mark Wilson/Getty Images