Clear Yr Diaries Barack Obama Is Coming To Sydney This March

Get excited because former U.S President Barack Obama is coming to our neck of the woods this March for speaking events in Sydney and New Zealand. This will be Obama’s first visit to New Zealand.

And as always, Sydney gets the goods.

We don’t have all the deets yet but according to NewscorpObama will be speaking to 350 guests at a function at the NSW Art Gallery on March 23.

The New Zealand United States Council announced the news today and will also be hosting the blessed man to talk all things trade and economics. And since the schedule only appears to be for two days, it’s safe to say he isn’t here for a super chill holiday. That is unless Sir Richard Branson rocks up too and they hit the waves at Bondi, ya never know with these post-presidency glow-ups.

Council chairman, Leon Grice, confirmed the news via his Twitter earlier today.

Of the former president, chairman Leon Grice also said:

“President Obama’s presidency had an extraordinary impact on the world and during his service both Australia’s and New Zealand’s deep relationships with the United States were strengthened politically, culturally, in trade and investment, innovation and security.” 

It’s pretty obvious Grice is excited and honestly, same.

Most recently Obama featured on the new Netflix show, “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman”. In it the former president and talk-show great get candid and discuss life in ‘retirement’, Obama’s earlier life, his family, and his presidency of course. If you can look past Letterman’s new and tremendously long beard (even hipster beards ain’t that long) then you get to really appreciate the kind of man Obama is. All sorts of political opinions aside, he just seems like such a top bloke to chat with over a beer and chicken parma.

You can check out some snippets from the episode below: