Try Not To Panic, But Michelle Obama Might Have A Cameo On ‘Gilmore Girls’

Ok. Everything’s ok. Try to keep calm. Breathe. Just breathe. This is – at best – unsubstantiated.

But holy shit did Michelle Obama reveal she’s doing a ‘Gilmore Girls‘ cameo????
FLOTUS is celebrating the last few days of Barack Obama‘s Presidency by getting fully on board with Snapchat (her handle is michelleobama, get on it) and her first few days on the platform have been wild as hell.
Along with the revelation that Obama filmed a ‘Carpool Karaoke‘ segment with James Corden, Michelle today revealed that she had a very special guest in the White House, Alexis Bledel.
Bledel, still in the middle of filming the ‘Gilmore Girls‘ revival series ‘A Year in the Life‘ for Netflix, showed up on Obama’s newly minted Snapchat feed in a series of posts, including one that HELLO MIGHT HAVE CASUALLY INDICATED THAT MICHELLE FREAKING OBAMA IS GONNA BE IN THE NEW SERIES.

Now, “officially” Bledel was in the White House to help Obama launch her “Let Girls Learn” initiative.
But, given that *SPOILER HORN* the OG series ended with Rory Gilmore going off to help then-Senator Barack Obama on his first presidential campaign, AND given that that definitely appears to be a script in Bledel’s hand, a cameo from the First Lady would seemingly make all the sense in the world.
Now as for what Obama is doing with a box of Pop Tarts, that’s an entirely new mystery unto itself.
Still no time line for the release of the series, but each day that passes is a day closer to a Stars Hollow return.
Source: AV Club.
Photo: Michelle Obama/Snapchat.