I am absolutely so relieved that no one was killed because, duh, that would be absolutely tragic, but, also, it means we’re allowed to laugh about it.

According to NZ police, a bloke in his mid forties and his mum miraculously survived after hurtling over a 35 metre cliff in his ute after he started choking on a Crunchie bar.

Being the conscientious man that he is, he attempted to pull over once he started choking, but lost control on the wet roads and began a sudden, surprise descent to the Waipunga River, which police believe was sufficiently slowed down by trees to keep them alive.

As Acting Sergeant Grant Marshall put it:

“And there was torrential rain. But what really set it off was the fact he was eating a chocolate bar and he started to choke.

“He applied the brakes to pull over but he got into a skid and that’s when they went off the side of the road.”

The driver, who was wearing shorts and thongs (or “jandals”), somehow managed to scramble back up to the road after he regained consciousness, where he flagged down another car.

He and his mum were treated for hypothermia and minor injuries and were released from hospital in the same evening. Amazing.

Source: The Age.

Photo: Stuff.