Shut The Front Door, Cadbury Has Stepped Into The Bakery With Three Choccy-Inspired Cupcakes

cadbury chocolate cupcakes new range

Just about everything from the early 2010s is making a resurgence and the snack side of life is in on it too. How do I know this? Cadbury has transformed some of its best chocolates into adorable little cupcakes. That’s how I know.

Three of the most-loved Cadbury chocolate bars have hit the shelves in cupcake form, which is great news for anyone who is thinking about making an indulgent sweet chocuterie board for Easter this year.

Cadbury’s new baked treaties have infused the flavours of Crunchie, Twirl and the OG king Dairy Milk bars into spongy little morsels of yum. They come in packs of six — so you don’t have to worry about sharing if you don’t want to — and you can grab ’em from your local Coles right now.

The mixed six-packs will set you back $8 a pop and include two of each variety (one for you, and another… also for you?). Now we’ve got the formalities out of the way let’s have a good look at these cupcakes and what’s in them.

Each of the cupcakes features a chocolate spongey base made with Cadbury choccy cocoa — so you know it’s legit — and the individual bars have inspired the topping.

For the Twirl one, the topping is a yummy piped swirl of creamy vanilla with flecks of chocolate and a mini Twirl bar nestled on top. The Dairy Milk cupcake has a perfect coil of milk chocolate icing with little choccy drops clustered on top.

And the Crunchie cupcake looks like it’s got a swirl of honeycomb-flavoured icing with those wee Crunchie nuggets scattered on the top — just like those ones you used to get in the old Crunchie McFlurrys.

You can get your grubby little mitts on these cupcakes at your local Coles so hop on down and treat yourself to a little afternoon snackie. You damn well deserve it.