A security guard has been stood down after footage surfaced depicting him choking a festival-goer at the Brisbane leg of FOMO Festival on Saturday. 
In the footage, which was taken by another punter and uploaded to Facebook, the security guard can be seen with his hands on the throat of a young man on the ground. The young guy appeared to be in distress, waving his arms and going red in the face. Another security guard can be seen trying to get the bigger bloke off him, to no avail. When a punter stepped forward to try to intervene, the security guard doing the choking appeared to arc up, yelling at the crowd around him to “fuck off“. 
It’s pretty heavy stuff, so be warned that it might be upsetting to watch: 
The video has been viewed more than 630,000 times, and has 3000+ shares.  
The security guard’s employer, Asset Protection Systems, has confirmed that he has been stood down. Reports are emerging that the young guy in the video had chucked a lit flare into the crowd, prompting the security guard’s (over)reaction. 
FOMO has indicated that they are aware of the incident, and are working with Queensland police to investigate. 
Source: ABC.
Image: Jade Emma / Facebook.