My deepest sympathies to anyone who’s trying to eat more vegetables and greens at the moment, because Krispy Kreme has just dropped another delicious collab. This time it’s with the choccy-coated toffee honeycomb yums, Crunchie, and let me tell you – these snacks are dangerous as fuck.

A tasty marriage between treat kings Cadbury and Krispy Kreme? Our guts are not worthy of such moreish gifts.

This new collab has birthed two (2) new treaties that feature little nuggets of Crunchie yum yum. Remember the Crunchie McFlurry that had the little nugs of choc-coated honeycomb in it? It’s those little sweet bites, but all over fluffy Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

The first one is a classic doughnut ring dipped in a honeycomb truffle glaze, sprinkled with Crunchie bites and drizzled in a choclate ganache.

It looks like this, and it is so tasty.

krispy kreme crunchie doughnuts

In the other hand, the collab has blessed us with a filled doughnut, pumped full of honeycomb custard, dipped in milk choc ganache and Crunchie nugs, and then drizzled with that honeycomb ganache. It took everything in my power to not inhale a whole one in one go, I tell ya what.

I mean, look at it.

krispy kreme crunchie doughnuts

Bringing together two yummy faves for a big collab can go either way, both in extremes. Either it’s absolute dogshit because both treats might be good individually, but they just don’t go that well together, or it’s very tasty and plagues my mind all day after a little taste. The Crunchie Krispy Kremes are very much in that second group.

I tasted each of the doughnuts earlier today (for science and research, obviously) and I can’t stop thinking about them. Hell, I might go and hoover down another one for afternoon tea. Just really fuck it up and chase that sugar high for the arvo.

The new Crunchie X Krispy Kreme collab doughies are available in all Krispy Kreme and 7-Eleven stores, and on the Sevs delivery through UberEATS, Menulog, and Deliveroo.

Image: Supplied